utility-bill-and-lightbulb-smallThere are a variety of ways that we are able to obtain a utility refund or credit.

Our team of veteran professionals know the particulars of every major utility company throughout the country.

We have former utility representatives as well as a CPA on staff to look for every type of error you can imagine.

Our audit includes a comprehensive review of all of your utility and telecom bills.

  • Just some of the the many areas we verify are:
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Billing Structure
  • Rates
  • Tariffs and Surcharges
  • Meter Constants
  • Redundant Billing Charges
  • Estimated Billing

Case Study 1

In this example, we reviewed the electric bills for a manufacturer in New Jersey.

While reviewing the billing history, our auditor noticed demand readings that seemed out of line with previous and later billing for the same period.

When we brought it to the utilities attention, they referred us to the tariff which stated “if one month has a high demand, the months following that will be billed at a percentage of that demand for a period of x amount of months”.

It was all well and good that the tariff said that, but that still didn’t explain the high demand for the first month to begin with.

We pursued the matter and upon further investigation by the utility, they determined that there was a meter change in the first month in question.

The utility was billing for the demand on the old meter as well as the demand on the new meter in the same months.

Because of our findings our client was able to get back a refund of over $8000 that they would not otherwise have known about.

The adjustment is shown below.